About Our Company

The Polygraph Academy was established in 2015 by Trevor Henn and Deon Groenewald, Directors of the Academy, to ensure ethical administration and interpretation of polygraph examinations in Africa, rooted in the APA accredited programs and focused on South African and African requirements and unique needs.

Previously, all training in South Africa was done primarily by APA registered providers from the United States and once before 1998 by an Israeli school. Our affordable, quality programs are designed to serve South African and African needs while based on international content.

The Polygraph Academy offers internationally aligned South African and African focussed comprehensive training solutions in the field of Polygraph Examinations and detection of deception. Programs are presented by experienced South African Polygraph Specialists and subject matter experts. Students are educated in theory and practice, trained, coached and mentored to become competent Polygraph Examiners/ Forensic Psychophysiologists.

Theory is followed by application under quality supervision until students are certified competent. Proficiency is facilitated through accountable quality assurance.

The first South African Polygraph Examiner program was presented in Pretoria from 12 January 2016. We have trained 47 Polygraph Examiners up to 2019. Our graduates operate in South Africa, Namibia, Eswatini, Congo, Botswana and Nigeria.

Our graduates are allowed to become members of the Polygraph Examiners Association International (PEAI) who has also recognised the Polygraph Academy as training Institution as well as the International Society of Polygraph Examiners (ISOPE) and the British and European Polygraph Association (BEPA).

Meet Our Team

We have an excellent team of facilitators.
Trevor Henn

Trevor has extensive SAPS training and experience, has a post Matric qualification and was trained as Polygraph Examiner in 2004. He has done more than 15000 examinations. Trevor facilitates instrumentation, question formulation, techniques, chart interpretation, giving evidence in a court of law, practical work, short courses and advanced training.

Director Facilitation
Deon Groenewald

Deon has extensive military training and experience as well as private sector experience. He specialised in management, leadership and people matters in the workplace. He has a post graduate degree in Inustrial Psychology and was trained as Polygraph Examiner in 2016. Deon facilitates history, psychophysiology, research methodology, legal and ethical matters, client relationships, business plan workshop, and is responsible for training management.

Director General Management
Flip Vorster

Flip has SAPS training and experience. He has been trained as Polygraph Examiner in 1999 and has done more than 17000 examinations. Flip is also the former President of the Southern African Polygraph Federation (SAPFED) and currently a SAPFED Board member.

Facilitates Techniques and Chart Interpretation
Henri de Backer

Henri has a Honours degree in Psychology and private sector work experience in the HR field. Henri is a Polygraph Academy graduate from the first course in 2016. He facilitates interviewing, interrogation, non-verbal communication and micro expressions as well as reportwriting.1


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