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27 February 2020

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The next Polygraph Examiner program commences in Montana, Pretoria on the 1st of June until the 7th of August 2020 with closing date for applicants and payment of deposits on 30th of April 2020 (late applications will require full payment on acceptance).

Cost: The basic 10 week Polygraph Examiner course will cost R52 000-00 (subject to change from time to time) excluding the laptop, camera, printer and instrumentation. All prices exclude VAT. The Polygraph Academy can advise the candidate with the process of purchasing the laptop, printer, camera and instrumentation on request. Obtaining the instrumentation will ultimately be the candidate’s own responsibility.

The Polygraph Academy was established in 2015, to ensure ethical administration and interpretation of polygraph examinations focused on South African and African requirements and unique needs. The Polygraph Academy is registered with the Polygraph Examiners Association International (PEAI). The 400 hour program results in a competent Polygraph Examiner and is followed up with coaching and quality assurance until the Polygraph Examiner has completed at least 80 tests successfully. Thereafter, the Polygraph Examiner becomes a certified Examiner. The program is presented by experienced South African Polygraph Specialists and subject matter experts.

Contents include:
• History and Development
• Psycho Physiology (Psychology and Physiology)
• Polygraph Instrumentation
• Polygraph Methodology (Fact-finding, Pre-test, test, Post-test, Results Reporting, Further Investigations)
• Polygraph Techniques (Investigative, Evidentiary and Screening techniques)
• Conducting a Polygraph test (Includes using Interpreters, quality Assurance and countermeasures
• Question Formulation
• Interviewing & Interrogation including Verbal, Nonverbal Indicators and Micro-expressions
• Confessions and Admissions
• Chart Analysis, Interpretation of Data
• Legal and Ethical matters, gibing evidence in a court of law.
• Client Relationships
• Research Methods
• Practical Experience Requirements, Professional Involvement & Membership Opportunities

Contact Deon Groenewald (+27827725557) or Trevor Henn (+27825552537) at for any further information required or to apply.

Download the South African Polygraph Examiner Brochure here:

Download the Application Form here:
Form Polygraph Academy ApplicationV4.81_PA120

PEAI recognises Polygraph Academy (Pty) Ltd as a legitimate training body, with expert facilitators
and highest standard training programs: PEAI Recognition of Polygraph Academy (Pty) Ltd(1)

We also offer short courses, contact us at

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